Artistic fabrics have always been my great passion, that is why while deciding on my course of study I chose The Applied Art University in Poznan (Wyższa Szkoła Sztuki Stosowanej “Schola Posnaniensis”). That was the only place where I had a chance to study in the Tapestry and Artistic Fabrics Atelier under the guidance of professor Urszula Plewka-Schmidt, the greatest Polish authority in the field of traditional weaving techniques. During my time at the university, where I gained a Master of Fine Arts degree, my favorite theme developed: a man – his strength and weaknesses, the dependence between an entity and the surrounding, the emotions which define the identity of each person, regardless of the background, education or social status, and which decide on our humanity. Extremely long and laborious process of making works gives a lot of space for my own thoughts. Weaving tapestries can be compared to meditating – working with matter changes it, but it also changes yourself.

A specific character of the work with textile fabrics can be well used in therapy. That is why I decided to do a postgraduate course of study in the field of art therapy with the elements of pedagogical therapy.

My work as an occupational therapy instructor and an occupational therapist only ensured me that using different art branches with working with disabled people opens great possibilities.

My education and professional experience allow me to organize and lead workshops where different artistic and handcraft techniques, such as felting and weaving, are used.

Unique fabrics

Vague life-sketch, 2009
Own technique ; synthetic fabrics, strings , acrylic
size 200x250x10cm

Grey figures II, 2007
tapestry ; linen, wool , cotton
size 110×140 cm

Grey figures I, 2005
tapestry ; linen, wool , cotton
size 110×140 cm

Road to freedom, 2008
collage; synthetic fabrics , string , acrylic
size 114×220 cm

In the second row, 2011
collage; synthetic fabrics , jute net, acrylic
size 147×280 cm

Tapestries inspired by the paintings of Ton Schulten, interpreted into weaving technique – custom made.
3 szt. size 110 x 140 cm