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About the atelier

re’art atelier came to being because of the love for art, handicraft and the enormous passion for creating unique and individual objects. We design and sew interior design items, toys and dolls.

All of the toys and dolls made in our atelier are unique – individually designed and handcrafted mostly of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. The choice of materials makes our toys warm and soft companions encouraging children, as well as adults, to play and hug. Handcrafted rag dolls can create the atmosphere of warmth and safety that our children need and which industrial toys cannot give them. To ensure space for children’s imagination we have deliberately decided to create our toys in simple forms, and that is why the dolls’ faces are merely marked with few stitches. In contrast, for our older clients we offer a selection of dolls with elaborately handcrafted attractive details.

Our atelier also makes dolls on special occasions, for instance wedding couple dolls. We accept and fill individual orders as well. All the items we offer you are of highest quality and are made with great care, which we hope you will see for yourself. You are kindly welcome to familiarize yourself with our offer.